Welcome to the Sharing Wall!

Hello, GMPC Family!

During this time of seclusion, we want to bring some “feel-good content” into each of your lives. While we fight our own battles of loneliness, fear, and uncertainty, this wall will be a place for each of us to come together for our main purpose: to glorify God!

We’re looking for a few pieces to post each week that encourage togetherness in spirit and fellowship. Children’s drawings, video recordings of your family singing a hymn, or an inspirational photo are all great examples of the content for which we’re searching.

If you have some uplifting content you would like to share with your GMPC family, please send it via email to:

Madeline Fetterman (mepope@ncsu.edu), or

Richard Bryan (richard.bryan@gmail.com)

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sharing Wall!”

  1. Linda Williamson

    This is yet another great way to connect with our GMPC family. Though temporarily physically apart we can certainly be connected in Christian love and supportive of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks to Madeline and Richard.

  2. Thank you so very much Madeline and Richard. What a terrific addition to our website and a joyful way to share the good and the caring! Question….once information is received, how long does it take to put on wall?

    1. Hi Dale, Thanks for the kind words! We’ve been pretty quick, so far, but I suppose life will dictate how quick either of us can attend to new materials as it comes in. It takes a little work by us, though not a whole lot. We can also add additional managers for anyone that wants to help out or post their own content. It’s as easy as sharing content on any web forum.


  3. Richard and Madeline,

    The sharing wall is a true picture of the love that is there among our GMPC family. Your abilities to make our love shine even brighter through this format is a great gift to us all. We are most thankful for you.

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