Community Storytelling Festival

Community Storytelling Videos: If you missed the community storytelling festival, or just want to listen to our wonderful storytellers again, here is the full list of episodes hosted on the Star Communications YouTube page.

Episode 1 In this episode, experience the storytelling of Maie Parker as she recalls some of her childhood events. Lee Howard stimulates our imagination with a “Jack Tale” while Angelique Young shares childhood tales of the local Native American community

Episode 2 In this episode encounter a story of Hope and Determination as delivered by Englishman, Will Tidey. Also be inspired by the account of events associated with a historical stance for justice and equality as shared by Justin Lockamy

Episode 3 When you’ve lived it, you can tell it. Jolly Davila tells her story of how she followed God’s lead as she and her family dealt with and overcame the aftermath the horrible hurricanes that punished the island of Puerto Rico. Norman McPhail, a member of the Shed Heads (The Grateful Shed), shares some comedy filled tales of family adventures growing up in the quaint community of Salemburg, NC.

Episode 4 In this final episode, Margaret Malpass shares memoirs of her years growing up in the country. Joe Teague drops in from Charlottesville, Virginia to entertain listeners with an intriguing Fishing Story. To top off the episode James “Andy-ish Taylor” Dodson gets the audience laughing with “What It Was, Was Football”

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