Answered Prayers: GMPC Welcomes A New Pastor!

Pastor Katie Rives with husband, Ollie

Exciting times are here for Graves Memorial! After nearly 2 years to-the-date of tireless searching, GMPC’s Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC) recommended Katie Rives to become our permanent pastor on January 14, 2024, and her terms of service were approved by the Congregation.

A small reception was held in the Fellowship Hall after the congregational meeting, where Katie and her husband, Ollie, spoke with many GMPC members, expressing excitement for this new post.

If you missed the congregational meeting, as well as Katie’s first opening address, you can watch it here (fast-forward to 1:04:30, near the end of the recording).

GMPC is incredibly thrilled to have Katie and Ollie join the church family! A special thank-you is in order for our PNC who helped bring her to us:

Bill Aiken (Chair)

Anne Price

Diane Barwick

Darby Scott

Bonnie Barr

Melvin Weaver

Chuck Spell

Katie’s official services will start in March, but she’ll be leading Ash Wednesday. Come join us for worship!

Please feel free to leave your own “welcome” to Katie and Ollie in the comments under this post.

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