The Red Pickup Truck Returned to GMPC

Written and Shared by Carol Wilson

Rev. Dr. Steve Wilkins, standing in the back of Don Wilson’s red pickup truck

I stated that the red pick-up truck returned to GMPC based on the fact that it had been there many times.  Just as Donald’s two children, Donna and Chris were known by their red hair, he was known by his red pick-up truck.  If he went alone anywhere, he drove his truck.  The following are examples of his driving to GMPC:

1. On workdays Donald and his yard tools went.  Somehow one day he hit David Nordin in the head with a hoe or shovel; however, David survived.

2. Once he and Connie Williamson were decorating on a Saturday for a Sunday luncheon, and Donald had carried plants from our house.  Somehow when taking the plants from the truck, one fell on Connie’s leg, and she had to wear a boot and cast for an extended time.

3. Many of the green plants still in the Fellowship Hall came from the homes of various church members.  As the plants were discarded by people like Bill Aiken or outgrew homes of other GMPC members, they traveled by the red truck to their new forever home.  There, Donald and Melissa Griffin planned for bigger and more attractive pots for these plants.  The red truck carried Donald to lovingly, regularly, water these plants until his health no longer allowed him to do this.

4. When the Presbyterian Men had their monthly breakfast meetings at GMPC, of course, Donald drove his truck, and I would later drive the car to Sunday school.  On one such Sunday we went together to worship service but afterwards I ran an errand immediately afterwards.  As I circled back by the church, I found Donald in the parking lot disturbed that I had left him.  Then it occurred to him that we had driven separately and he had the red truck.  He was embarrassed but laughed it off.

When Steve put the word out that he needed a pick-up truck for the parking lot service on Sunday, May 31, I offered Donald’s truck. Steve quickly accepted stating, “It is red and just right for Pentecost Sunday.”  And that is how the red truck returned to GMPC.

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  1. Amelia Surratt

    Thanks so much for the wonderful story. Don certainly was a special person and so I am so glad his truck could be used for our Pentecost service.

  2. Don has a special place in the heart of so many GMPC church members and now his red “Pentecost” truck does too. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories Carol.

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