The GMPC Cooking Challenge: The Scotts (Part II)

This post is part of a series called, “The GMPC Cooking Challenge.” We’re asking each of you to find a recipe in the GMPC Cookbook and share your masterpieces with your fellow Presbyterians. You’re also welcome to share NEW recipes and family cooking traditions too! Please send all photo and video entries to: mepope@ncsu.eduWe can’t wait to see the talent and fun our congregation has in the kitchen!

The Scott grandchildren are back at it again! On Wednesday, Miss. Savannah, Miss. Morgan and Mrs. Darby prepared another recipe from Radish (see their first post here).

“The object of the lesson was to learn how air is in food.  When we took the pancake out of the oven it was puffed full of air.  The girls watched it deflate and thought that was so cool. “

Shared by Darby Scott

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