Show Me Your Garden: The Tarts

This post belongs to the series, “Show Me Your Garden,” in which we encourage the GMPC congregants to share scenes from their back yards which broadcast the beauty of God’s creation. If you have photos or videos you would like to contribute, please send them to:

Sometimes embracing one’s situation can open up a new point of view and a happier outlook. Mrs. Jan and Mr. Whit Tart are moving forward in these unprecedented times by spending their afternoons and evenings on their patio and in their garden. With a can of Off! spray, they continue to enjoy the outdoors, even during these heat-filled dog days of summer:

Whit and I are fortunate in the fact that we love being home and enjoying our surroundings. We work hard to make the most of it, although the heat, humidity, and the mosquitoes are now quite challenging. Our kitty, Presby, hangs out with us as well!

Shared by Jan Tart

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