Show Me Your Garden: The Sinclairs

This post belongs to the series, “Show Me Your Garden,” in which we encourage the GMPC congregants to share scenes from their back yards which broadcast the beauty of God’s creation. If you have photos or videos you would like to contribute, please send them to:

Mrs. Neal Sinclair gives her all in whatever she pursues, and this is no exception when it comes to her pristine and colorful garden! The patio is her “happy place” during any time of the year (COVID or no COVID!). Her pink rose garden is kept clean with fresh pine straw and constant fresh blooms, and her White Oakleaf Hydrangeas make a show every June.

One of Mrs. Neal’s favorite parts about her garden are the yellow flowers around her sundial:

“These were given to me several years ago by Cynthia Wallace from her own garden. She said they were called, “Cut and Come,” because if you keep them cut they will come right back!  So each spring when they come up and bloom profusely (if I keep them cut), I always remember her for her friendship and her love of all flowers.”

Shared by Neal Sinclair

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