Show Me Your Garden: The Fultons

This post belongs to the series, “Show Me Your Garden,” in which we encourage the GMPC congregants to share scenes from their back yards which broadcast the beauty of God’s creation. If you have photos or videos you would like to contribute, please send them to:

While the summer sun is making its full appearance, so are Mrs. Melissa Fulton’s purple and blue hydrangeas. Accompanied by impatiens and other blooms, the Fultons are enjoying pops of color from the shade of their own yard.

Shared by Bill Fulton

2 thoughts on “Show Me Your Garden: The Fultons”

  1. I must say hydrangeas are one of my favorites. As a child I remember white ones in my grandfather’s hilly backyard–we called them snowball bushes and tried not to run into them as we rolled down the yard.
    The combining of the bench, bush and bunny is so magnetic.

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