Show Me Christ: The Tanner-Fulton Fund

This post belongs to a series called, “Show Me Christ.” How we can mirror God’s love for the world? Members of the congregation are encouraged to share photos, videos, stories, poems, or other media that reflect God’s calling in all of us, and the love we have for our fellow man. What does Christ look like on this earth, today?

GMPC Members: Bill and Melissa Fulton

God’s love can be reflected in all of us with the acts of kindness we perform, no matter how great or small. A perfect example of this reflection is in Bill and Melissa Fulton’s most recent endeavors with Sampson Community College.

In December 2020, Bill and Melissa established a scholarship fund in memory of their parents, RW and Dorothy Tanner, and Hewitt and Katherine Fulton, and also in memory of their late son, Matthew, who passed away in 2016 (also a proud member of GMPC). This scholarship will go to support the many students who pass through the doors of the college for their educational pursuits.

A full article regarding the setup of this educational fund can be read at this Sampson Independent Link.

An excerpt from the write-up: “President of Sampson Community College, Dr. Bill Starling, stated that Bill and Melissa’s passion for their community is exemplary of the spirit of Sampson County and has inspired several others to give back.”

The mirror of God’s love is certainly exemplified in the community-forward actions of Bill and Melissa. Thank you both for all that you do!

How else can each of us display the Holy Spirit in our day-to-day lives? No matter how great or small, acts of kindness and selflessness will bring greater purpose to our place on this Earth. Please continue to share your observances of God’s reflection to:

Shared with permission from the Fulton Family

2 thoughts on “Show Me Christ: The Tanner-Fulton Fund”

  1. Melissa and Bill, I did not know about the scholarship honoring your family until I read about it today on the Sharing Wall–what an appropriate place for me to have learned of your generosity. Although this is a large gift, you two have always exhibited sharing in smaller ways as long as I’ve known you: church maintenance, sending kindnesses to members, helping with the youth, serving on boards, Melissa’s music, visitations and so much more. Thank you for always setting an example of sharing.

  2. I want to thank you on behalf of the young people who will benefit from your generosity. You two have always been an example of showing the love of Christ in our community. Thanks for being our friends.

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