Show Me Christ: The Presbyterian Women

This post belongs to a series called, “Show Me Christ.” How we can mirror God’s love for the world? Members of the congregation are encouraged to share photos, videos, stories, poems, or other media that reflect God’s calling in all of us, and the love we have for our fellow man. What does Christ look like on this earth, today?

“Cancer Bags,” which were put together by the Presbyterian Women

The women of GMPC have been busy these past few weeks. Earlier last month, the Presbyterian Women came together to in such a lovely way to shine a light for those in need of comfort.

“…Show me Christ means show me love, and the PW circle groups are amazing at sharing His love. In January, they collected items for, “cancer bags,” which were delivered to our local Cancer treatment center. The bags included journals, candy, socks and other needed supplies along with a beautiful card full of GMPC’s prayers and love.” – Anne Price

Special thanks are given to the Presbyterian Women for reflecting the love of Christ and building a easier path to recovery for those who are ill.

How else can each of us display the Holy Spirit in our day-to-day lives? No matter how great or small, acts of kindness and selflessness will bring greater purpose to our place on this Earth. Please continue to share your observances of God’s reflection to:

Shared by Anne Price

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