Protecting Our Veterans

Joan Car (left) and Neal Sinclair (right), sewing masks for the VA Hospital in Fayetteville, NC

Joan Carr decided in December that she wanted and needed a sewing machine for some projects around the house, but she waited until after Christmas to buy it.  She never imagined that the need for masks during this pandemic would be the reason to make this purchase. 

Joan is a retired nurse and a member of DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).  Some members of the DAR under the Committee for Veterans are making masks for the VA hospital in Fayetteville.  Neal Sinclair, an accomplished seamstress, has been helping Joan learn to use her machine and has joined in her efforts for the VA hospital.  The ladies are enjoying social distancing with each other while working on this project.  They have made about 150 masks so far.  Way to go, ladies!

Shared by Amelia Surratt

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  1. How ambitious you two ladies are! Each of us is needed in different ways during a crisis; however, we never know what it will be until it happens. Thank you for what you are continuing to do.

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