North Raleigh PC Youth Join GMPC for Mission Work

Last weekend, Graves Memorial hosted the North Raleigh PC Youth who helped with mission work in our local community. Over this three-day weekend, the youth delivered care bags and cleaned yards for the elderly.

On Sunday, Rev. Brandon Melton gave the sermon, speaking on how we all should look for healing at the feet of Jesus: “Creating programs or gaining a new preacher won’t heal the church, and judging and limiting others cuts off your relationship from Christ. We should always turn back to praise Him, and that’s where we will be healed.” [paraphrased]

Special thanks to Anne Faircloth for arranging this wonderful event!

Photos provided by Anne Faircloth

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  1. I am so pleased that our youth and adults were able to share and mingle w/ the NRPC members in the mission work. I was also so pleased with the youth participation on that Sunday.

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