GMPC Helps the Helpers

A Note from Steve Wilkins

A National Guard transit vehicle in the GMPC parking lot

During Hurricane Isaias, the Fellowship Hall of GMPC was transformed into a shelter to support the emergency search and rescue efforts of Sampson County. This is the second time in a year that our facility has been used in this way. Last fall, our Session entered into an agreement with Sampson County emergency operations to open our facility in order to support first responders who need a place to rest between shifts. In many cases, the county’s efforts are supported by first responders from out of town, and so a place where the first responders can sleep, eat, and shower is a very important need to fill.

Several National Guard members took shelter in our Fellowship Hall

This time around, the storm was small and fast-moving, so there was not a great need for outside first responders. However, there were National Guard troops deployed to the area to provide assistance, and on the night of the storm seven people from the National Guard were welcomed into our shelter.

I remain very proud of the Session and congregation of GMPC, for recognizing that our facility can be of such great service to our community, especially in a time of great need like a natural disaster.

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