GMPC Cooking Challenge: The Fettermans

This post is the first in a new series called, “The GMPC Cooking Challenge.” We’re asking each of you to find a recipe in the GMPC Cookbook and share your masterpieces with your fellow Presbyterians. You’re also welcome to share NEW recipes and family cooking traditions too! Please send all photo and video entries to: We can’t wait to see the talent and fun our congregation has in the kitchen!

The following entry was written by Mrs. Madeline Fetterman.

During his bout with chemo, my dad has found a new enthusiasm for soups in all kinds of varieties! Naturally, for Father’s Day, he asked for my sister, Samantha, and me to make a “Vegetable Beef Soup.” I drew inspiration from the GMPC Cookbook (I own the 2006 version), and I found a lovely recipe on page 33 from Mrs. Amelia Surratt, which fit exactly what he wanted! Using Amelia’s guidance, and adding a little cayenne pepper/paprika for kick, the vegetable beef soup turned out perfect. He ate two whole bowls (proud daughters)!

I love baking, and Dad loves dessert, so we also made a raspberry pie for a sweet treat! The recipe is not in the church cookbook, but it’s very easy: just get a can of raspberry filling, add 2 tbs of sugar, 1 tsp of cinnamon, and then you can make your own pie crust or buy it from the store. Decorating one’s own pie can be such a therapeutic activity. Make sure to add egg wash and pin down the seams on the edge. I didn’t do the latter, and I had leakage (as you can see…oops!). It was still tasty.

Amelia Surratt’s Recipe from the 2006 GMPC Cookbook

Shared by Madeline Fetterman

3 thoughts on “GMPC Cooking Challenge: The Fettermans”

  1. Madeline, I love the lattice work on your pie and it sounds delicious. You can never go wrong w/ one of Amelia’s recipes. Your daddy is lucky to have two such sweet girls.

  2. Amelia Surratt

    Love your pie decorations. I have made pie crust before but never fancy ones like you make. Maybe next time I will try to be more creative.

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