Flat Jesus Global Project: Update!

This post belongs to a series of updates for “Flat Jesus,” a Vacation Bible School project in which the GMPC Youth participated. Flat Jesus is making His way around Thailand with the CCI Dance Troop and our missionary family, the Collinses.

Flat Jesus has been quite busy over the past few weeks, traveling around Thailand with the CCI Dance Troop and spreading God’s love! The Collins family gave a summary of the fun that was had, keeping Jesus with them both “physically” and spiritually:

The CCI team has been really busy performing at 3 schools down in central Thailand over the past month! They put on 6-8 performances per day so that all the students in each school could attend the week-long programs. The skits and songs taught over 4000 school children about standing up for what’s right and following God’s calling. 
We wanted to share some photos, showing that Flat Jesus got to spend time with lots of Thai kids who heard the Word of God from our CCI friends. We’re also sending some pix of the performances themselves so you get a feel for what it’s like when CCI travels to schools here in Thailand.  
The team arrived back in Chiang Mai yesterday, after an all-day bus ride.  They will take a few days off to rest, and then will keep going with the programs at schools in the north of Thailand.  

Flat Jesus will continue traveling with the Collinses and the CCI Dance Troop, and more updates will come soon.

GMPC would like to thank the Collins Family and Darby Scott for helping Flat Jesus keep moving!

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