Flat Jesus: A VBS Global Project

The first activity from Vacation Bible School this year in which our GMPC Youth participated was to color and cut out, “Flat Jesus.” What is, “Flat Jesus,” you might ask? The kids were supposed to share him with someone everyday and then say a prayer with them.  On the last day of Bible School, the theme was “Awesome are your feet. They go into the world.” With that inspiration, some of the VBS kids thought it would be nice to actually send Flat Jesus out into the world! Ellen and Andy Collins were contacted to see if they would take Flat Jesus on their adventures in Thailand. The CCI Dance Troop and the Collins family agreed to take Flat Jesus on their next trip.

Since last week, the Collins Family reported that Flat Jesus has arrived in Thailand! See this note below, written on August 11th:

Hi there boys and girls at Graves Memorial!

We wanted to let you know that “Flat Jesus” made it here to us in Thailand, and now he’s off on a trip with the CCI team!  

We, the Collins family, are missionaries here and your church helps us a lot.  We work with our Thai friends at CCI. (“Thai” is what people from Thailand are called, and “CCI” is the short name for Christian Communications Institute).  The CCI team has actors and singers and dancers who share the love of Jesus with people all around this country of Thailand.  (Maybe some of you remember when we brought the CCI team to visit your church a few years ago… )

Anyway, the team left early this morning and is on the road right now, going to visit children in schools in Bangkok.  (Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it’s a huge city, much bigger than Chiang Mai, where we live).  Early this morning they packed up their blue bus and headed out.  “Flat Jesus” made it just in time to get on the bus with them!  First Mr. Collins explained about “Flat Jesus” and then he said a prayer for the bus driver and the team as they travel.  It will take them about 12 hours to get to Bangkok. They will send us pictures of the schools they go to while they’re there, and we’ll send those pictures on to you.  “Flat Jesus” is going to get to see more than 2,000 Thai children at the schools where CCI will be performing over the next month.

Thanks so much for sharing “Flat Jesus” with us.  We pray for you all in America, and we ask you to pray for us, for CCI, and for the Thai people.

With love from Mr & Mrs Collins and Jonathan

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures of “Flat Jesus” making His way around the world, spreading love and prayers to all!

Shared by Darby Scott, Melissa Griffin, and GMPC Staff

Special thanks to the Collins Family for their support!

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