Festivities for a GMPC Bride

Wedding dress shopping in Charleston, SC. Left to right: Vicki Pope, Samantha Pope (bride), Madeline Fetterman

For the past several months, Samantha Pope has had quite a difficult time finding a dress for her upcoming marriage to Wyman Faison later this year. Now that a few shops and facilities are beginning to open, the bride, attended by her mother and sister, found a dress for the event, which will be held in Wilmington, NC on December 12th, 2020.

During the same weekend, a small bridesmaids’ brunch was hosted at the Ashford Inn in Clinton, NC, to kick off the start of wedding festivities. In attendance were close family of the bride and groom, who are all GMPC members: Mrs. Dorothy Sue Faison (grandmother of the groom), Jan Faison (mother of the groom), Crystal Faison (aunt of the groom), Ella and Isabella Faison (sister and cousin of the groom, respectively), Patsy Kennedy (grandmother of the bride), Vicki Pope (mother of the bride), and Madeline Fetterman (sister of the bride).

A brunch was held at the Ashford Inn to celebrate the upcoming union between Wyman Faison and Samantha Pope, as well as the re-opening of local businesses.

Shared by the Pope Family

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  1. Did I count correctly–nine women of GMPC and that doesn’t even count their husbands. What an amazing feat Samantha and Wyman are achieving in their upcoming marriage to join so many people and generations into one family. GMPC is so proud to have each of you as important members in the church. I send my best wishes to you all.

  2. The love story continues… this is a beautiful union of these two and their strong Presbyterian families. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and so happy Samantha found the perfect dress.

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