Bobby Purcell: A Lifetime of Service and Community Involvement

Many of you will remember that Bobby Purcell (brother of Mac Purcell) grew up as a part of the GMPC family. After a long tenure as Executive Director of the NC State Wolfpack Club, and after a lifetime of service to his community, Bobby has stepped down from his post for a well-deserved retirement.

In behalf of Bobby and his family, GMPC would like to share an article, written by Tim Peeler, to celebrate his well-rounded career of excellence and service. Please click on the “Download” link below to read the full write-up. Congratulations, Bobby!

Shared by Donna Thagard, and the GMPC Community

2 thoughts on “Bobby Purcell: A Lifetime of Service and Community Involvement”

  1. Such an uplifting article. It’s gratifying to receive such fine accolades for a job well done with such passion. Proud to claim Bob as ‘one of ours’.

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