A Back-Pew View

Many of us never forget significant dates that change our society. In pain and suffering, many times what we find is that these events bring God’s people back together in a newfound way. This pandemic is no exception to that rule.

This past Sunday, Mrs. Connie Williamson made the same observation. After 15 months in semi-isolation, our church family has not been deterred from coming together to glorify God.

“…[the second photo] was taken at the first communion without masks after COVID on Sunday, June 6, 2021. This is the largest group of people that have attended service since March 2020.”

As we continue to assimilate back to normal service, it’s always good to reflect on where we have been so we can appreciate the brother- and sisterhood we have in Christ. Thank you, Lord, for then, and thank you, Lord, for now.

Photos from Mrs. Connie Williamson

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